Thick Edgebanding Availability


From original questioner:

We are having a really hard time finding any edgebanding in 2mm or 3mm thickness that matches formica laminates. It seems that there are only the mainstream colours like the solids and a few woodgrains. I tried rehau, canplast, olon, doellken. any others out there who may have 1mm and up. Custom orders for 1mm are 5000 feet and i need 2000.

From contributor Ed

Try Charter industries

From contributor Je

I went through the same thing trying to find 1mm pvc banding to match a special order lift of melamine. Someone here sent me a couple recommendations and I used a company called Frama-Tech Inc.. IIRC the minimum for them to make a custom match was 3 - 300' rolls. I ended up getting 5 to play it safe and it ran me about $700. I think I still have 3 left:(

Anyway I though it was reasonable for custom match and the turnaround wasn't bad either.

good luck,

From contributor La

I 2nd Frama-Tech. We've had good service from them.

From contributor Ri

I had great experiences with Frama-tech on 3 mm, although I used common colors. Edgeco had the widest variety of colors and thicknesses in my experience. I did get a lot of 1 mm in various colors from them. You can check their offering online. Call if you don't see it though. Occasionally they still had items not shown on their website. You can order as little as one roll on inventory items. Did have to watch for inconsistent color and thickness between orders.

From contributor Da

Thanks, Frama-tech had everything i needed.