Thoughts On Artistic Countertops


From original questioner:

Any of you guys do concrete or concrete overlay countertops? I know, I know, it's easier not to do it than to do it. I've always been into incorporating something artistic into kitchens somewhere and for some reason I keep wanting to offer something different for countertops. Right now we do laminate and sub out granite and the other stone versions. Any thoughts?

From contributor La

"Artistic" counter tops:
We've done some solid surface inlay and some resin inlay into solid surface. Pretty easy to do. Done it for back splash also. We haven't done it but have seen 3D inlay utilizing acrylic paint on 3D images filled with clear resin in multiple layers. We use EnroutePro to generate the code.

From contributor Ma

I have run a bit of concrete tops and other items (hearth stones and so on) in the shop. Its not bad work but its messy. You almost need a dedicated area and of course some sort of overhead crane/chain fall if you work alone.

My area wont support it much out of the gate. I suppose it could be developed, but its never something I was really looking to chase.

From contributor Mi

Thanks for the responses. I'm not looking to build solid concrete tops, the old backbone in not in good enough shape for that. I entertained this thought process a couple years ago. I made some countertops for a laundry room from mdf and primed them black. Spritzed some different colored paint at them and then done a 2k poly finish on them. They came out really nice. The same client called the other day wanting more of them... I may tinker around with the process and see what I can develop but I'm not wanting to get into anything that is very time consuming or heavy.

From contributor ma

Oh, right: by concrete, you meant MDF. I guess you could call that "artistic"...