Tiger Stop Rip Fence Set Up Manual


From original questioner:

I just bought a second new slider and the machinery company had a used tiger rip fence that no one wanted. We already own one that is ten years old and it inca great time saver. We do not have the old manual and it would be helpful if someone had one that they could email me. We only need the setup for the attachment of the round bar to the existing saw bar. It is an older model. Thanks, Harold.

From contributor Ke

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From contributor Ha

thanks ken, we have been slammed with installs for the past couple of weeks and have not been on woodweb for a while. We were able to get the manual from tigers top tech dept and except for spending about 20.00 in some generic parts that were missing for the assembly, we got it up and running. I can't beleive someone would buy a used Paloni slider and ask that the tiger rip fence be removed calling it a piece of "junk". I was buying a new slider and took the fence and offered to pay for it if it worked as it is an older model that they do not carry many parts for. It cost me 350.00 plus a few hours work to install. Such a find doesn't come along often. Harold.

From contributor Ke

Harold, ironically I bought a used Altendorf F45 with a Tiger Rip fence and pulled it off as well. The problem I have is it's one of the first models as an attachment versus the newer ones that replace the rip fence and the way it's attached, large yellow angle brackets and a heavy motor sticking out 90 degrees from the rail cause all kinds of alignment problems. The generation after mine used aluminum brackets that hung down from the rip fence rail. The motors were also in line with the rail. My plan is to make some new brackets and get it re-installed. Hardly a piece of "junk". When it was on and I could keep it from binding it was fantastic not having to walk around the saw to move the rip fence. Ken