Tiger Stop Stretched Belt

The belts on an automated stop system may stretch in service over time and require replacing to maintain accuracy. January 9, 2015

Has anybody had experience with a stretched belt on a Tigerstop causing inaccuracies? Tech support has walked me through scaling procedures and determined I have non-repeatable accuracy. I can achieve repeatable accuracy at long and short lengths but have inaccuracy in mid-lengths. They recommend a new belt ($700 plus). I have heard of people tightening the belt. Does anybody know anything about that? Any help would be appreciated.

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From contributor X:
I have similar issues with my Omga stop. It slowly cuts longer and longer after calibration, by the end of the day, it cuts about .010" heavy. The tech said the belt needs tightened. I haven't got around to doing it yet, so I can't say whether or not it solves the problem.

From contributor J:
$700 sounds crazy for a belt. Try a local bearing supply house. Most of these places will sell belts, or have them custom made.

From the original questioner:
The company has told me I need a new belt and they should be replaced every three years. There is a small amount of adjustment that can be made under "lash", but it's minimal.