Time and Temperature Curve to Kill Bugs

Here's a little basic info on bug killing with heat in thicker pieces of wood in the kiln. June 22, 2012

Are there any charts or formulas showing the time it takes for heat to penetrate thicknesses of wood at specified temperatures? I have searched the net but must not be using the right search words.

Specifically I would link to know how long I would need to maintain 140 degrees to reach the core of a 10/4 board with 130 degrees in order to kill PPB/eggs? Also, how long if the temp were raised to 150 degrees? If I had such a chart/formula in the future I could use it for different thicknesses/temps.

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From the original questioner:
The wood is pecan (hickory) and it is air dried to 12 percent.

From contributor Z:
Boards that are average 3"x 6" take about eight hours at 140 degrees, and about six hours at 150 degrees. Boards that are average 3"x 10" take about nine hours at 140 degrees, and about six and a half hours at 150 degrees.

From contributor Z:
By the way - species, length, or current moisture content has nothing to do with how long it takes to kill bugs. It is all to do with how thick and wide your product is.