Tip: Disconnecting a Contact Adhesive Gun Glue Pot

The proper disconnect sequence will help keep your equipment from getting gunked up. May 27, 2014

We were having issues with our Binks 2001 gun and so we used our field glue and noticed a huge swing in productivity. The cost of the glue is huge and I was wondering if anyone has crossed this bridge, and if so are we missing something in gun maintenance for our 2001's? They seem to have issues on shutting off and let air leak after about a year and of course the glue leaks out making a mess, and a huge waste of time.

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From contributor G:
The cost of glue line is too much with the canisters. I use the 2001 also. I use the Calif glue, Starstuck. I use about very low air pressure, I think around 25 on pot and 10 on the gun. Keeping the air nozzle clean is imperative. I had continual trouble with the pressure pot and spray gun.

When looking for the solution to a problem, if you aren't finding the solution look earlier in the sequence. I went to the spay mechanic and asked what you are asking and asked him what the heck am I missing regarding the pressure pot? He answered me: “When you disconnect the air from the pot, if you just disconnect the air line from the pot the glue will combine with the air and come out through the regulators as a residue. This is where 90% of the trouble comes from with glue pots and spray guns. Instead pull the pressure relief valve and simultaneously dial the regulators to zero then pull the air line off of the pot.” Give this a whirl and see if it works.

From the original questioner:
Thanks so much. This really makes sense. We'll give it a whirl. We've been having problems with our AOM guns and you have just helped me identify that, too.