Tool Lube for Resinous Wood

A dry spray-applied wax for cutterheads can keep tools moving freely and minimize resin build-up in resinous woods such as Ipe. January 14, 2009

Anyone here had experience with machining ipe? We have been cutting it a lot lately and have been looking for advice on the best brands of tooling - Onsrud, Amana, Vortex, etc. We tend to get quite a bit of resin buildup on the tool, which requires cleaning between parts. Any other advice on feed rates, roughing, finish, or depths of cut? The material we are cutting is approximately 1" - 3" thick.

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From contributor T:
You can minimize the pitch buildup by using a woodworker dry lubricant. It comes in a spray can and dries to a wax-like consistency on the tool to prevent pitch from sticking. You will need to reapply it occasionally, as the coating does wear off with use.

From contributor D:
One of the best dry lubes on the market can be found at Empire Mfg.

From contributor C:
I agree, the Empire product is great stuff.