Tools Stands and Bench Clamps for Working on Bits

Advice on shop accessories to help with CNC bit maintenance. July 25, 2010

I have a machine on the way that uses a HSK 63F spindle. I need a tool stand (vertical) to work on each spindle and a rack to hold tools that are not in the machine. What is a good source for reasonably priced accessories? $375+ for a tool stand seems a bit over the top to me.

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From contributor M:
I use Huot Manufacturing's rack for HSK tooling. But with a new CNC it might be a good project to build.

From contributor I:
Do what I did - keep a few scraps and build it yourself.

From contributor T:
I agree with the previous posters... Do not purchase when you can make. Use a solid surface or melamine for the surface where the tools will sit, for cleanliness purposes. A circular opening of approximately 1.530" should suffice for the holders.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. How about a stand to hold the spindle when working on the spindle or changing inserts?

From contributor T:
That's a little different - that should be made of steel. You essentially need a pocket to hold the tool cone - with a riser to one side that would support a sliding wrench style locking mechanism that slides over the flats on the holder, preventing rotation. There should also be a sturdy base on the unit for rigid mounting. Not sure of your capabilities, but I recommend taking a holder to the metal working job shop down the street - he should know exactly what you want to do.

From contributor I:
They make bench clamps (vise) specifically for holding them when you are changing tools/inserts. Fairly inexpensive and really the best choice to make.

From contributor D:
For changing tools in a HSK63 tool holder, Leuco makes a system called a Magic Clamp. We do not have one yet, but I was blown away when the rep showed it to me. You simply drop the tool holder in the clamp and because of the eccentric roller bearings, as you turn, it locks it down.

We have worn out the clamp style already once. After the current one is worn out we're going to upgrade to this one. Couldn't find any info on their web site - you'll have to ask your Leuco rep.