Torque Wrenches for Tool Tightening

They help. December 10, 2007

Just curious how many folks are/are not using a torque wrench on their tool holder nuts. My setup is ISO30 - ER32, but post what you are doing even if your system is different.

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From contributor M:
I have used torque wrenches religiously for many years using both ISO30 and HSK63 tool holders. That way, no matter who changes the tool, the nut is tightened exactly the same. Before using the torque wrench, it was amazing the torque differences each person would apply to the tool.

From contributor S:
HSK63 ER40. We have been using a torque wrench for about 18 months now. Before that, we had problems with bits dropping, spinning, etc. Since then, absolutely no problems. As contributor M said, it's amazing the differences between employees. 110 lbs. is 110 lbs. no matter how strong or weak one is.

From contributor B:
I just started using a torque wrench because of problems with bits becoming dislodged. No problems since. I was amazed at how tight 100 Ft lbs really is. I had no idea until I used the torque wrench. It should come with the machine, because it is essential. ER-32 without tool changer. :-)

From contributor Z:
I noticed one person said 110ft-lbs and another said 100ft-lbs. I use 80 ft-lbs with no problem. ISO30 32ER. What is the recommended torque spec?

From the original questioner:
I've ordered the wrench made by Techniks. When I spoke to their tech he said they recommended 112 ft.lbs.