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Spray can products might work for fixing a slight color mis-match in the kitchen. January 24, 2014

(WOODWEB Member):
I have a stove hood that is lighter than the surrounding cabinets, already installed. I need to tone the hood darker to match. Having minimal experience with UV dried conversion varnishes, not sure what I should use for finishes. My experience is with lacquers. Can I tone my catalyzed lacquer and spray over the varnish, where this is an area least susceptible to wear? I know the chemical makeup of the two is different, but my comfort level is in lacquers.

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From contributor J:
The hood looks to be a good match to the door on the left, but not the door on the right. Is that just the photo?

Anyway, if you can spray a pre or post cat lacquer, you can spray a CV. It's really not that much different of an animal to spray. That said, you should have no issue putting a lacquer over top of a CV, but a test sample is always a good idea. The general rule of thumb is you can apply a softer finish over a harder finish, but you can't put a harder finish over a softer one. Just be sure to give a good scuff sanding prior to spraying anything over top of the existing.

From contributor Z:
Contact Mohawk and tell them what you need to do. They have toners in spray cans off the shelf.

From contributor J:
Second the Mohawk aerosol toner. I keep a couple of common colors on truck for quick fixes and to adjust add-on stuff on site.