Tracks for Kiln Loading Cart Wheels

Simple angle iron works for wheel tracks for small kilns. November 26, 2008

I'm trying to set up my kiln for end loading on carts, but don't know where to turn for plans and materials. I see that Nyle sells heavy duty casters, but that is all I've found out there. Does anyone have plans or photos that they are willing to share? I can weld up whatever I need, but I'd rather not waste money on unnecessary steel if I don't have to. I live in Wisconsin, so getting some old coal mine track and carts isn't a viable option.

Forum Responses
From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
Why not make a trip to visit a few kilns? Go to flooring mills or softwood dimension kilns.

From contributor J:
There are a lot of sawmills around the area (NW Wisconsin), but they all use full size railroad track. That's way too big for my application. My kiln is only 20 ft long and I don't have a ton of space. Has anyone had experience with the Nyle casters? What do they need for track?

From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
A piece of angle iron (two pieces at 90 degrees) with it positioned so it looks like a roof or an inverted "V".

From contributor S:

I used the Nyle wheels on my carts. I have a container kiln, and the original floor is wood. Heavily loaded carts will punch a hole right through your floor, so some type of track or other support is needed for your kiln cart wheels. In my instance, for tracks I ran two 1/4" x 4" flat bar stock tracks the length of my floor for the wheels to ride down. On one side, I welded a piece of angle iron to the flat stock, and the groove in the Nyle cart casters rides down the angle. The system works well. Nyle also has drawings for kiln carts that they can provide you.