Travel Blocks/ Skid Blocks


From original questioner:

I build commercial laminate cabinets and casework.
When we build our cabinets we put travel blocks on the bottom of bases and the tops of uppers. That seems to be a pretty standard thing to do. Upon install that leaves me with 4 blocks per cabinet to have to remove and then dispose of. It was brought to my attention the other day that if we put skid blocks on that were the full depth of the cabinet they would be easier to remove at the job sight and would therefore take less time at install. This would allow us to put 2 long skids instead of 4 blocks.
My guys are used to doing the 3x3 squares and I don't welcome the battle that would come with a change up but if I can save time on the install it would greatly help me.
Does anybody have any advise about what they do? Am I Making a mountain out of a mole hill for a 2 Second lean idea?

From contributor Ki

"I don't welcome the battle that would come with a change..."

Welcome it and more. If you can't get them to 1. Do what is viewed as better, and 2. Do what you require, then you need to question your abilities in your position.

If you can improve with this change, but are afraid to make it, what will happen when other, larger - and more important/necessary - changes become obvious?

"The only constant is change"

From contributor ma

Hi Brian,
we also use travel blocks. We cut up what ever scrap we have, usually 3x3 blocks suffice. I make sure only 2- 1-1/4" nails in each block. Makes for easier removal.They do save you money on repairs of chipped laminate! I also try to use melamine for the blocks, the nails will stay with the block and not in the cabinet bottom. As far as waste, it was garbage material anyway. I really don't think using larger blocks will speed up your install.

From contributor La

We don't install but do put skids on the bottom of cases. Usually 3/4 X 4 X slightly longer than the case. The ends are beveled 45 degrees to allow sliding w/o tearing them loose. Scrap strips of melamine usually. Stapled on.

From contributor ca

we use scrap off the cnc router or saw cut into 2 or wider x24" long. Forget what the guys want, tell them what they are going to do.

From contributor Ti

I think you are going pretty much right as the 3X3 blocks will be easy enough to install and remove. Moreover it will be more stable rather than the one single long block.