Trimming Laminate Applied to a Cylinder

Pros describe tool setups for accomplishing this tricky detail. October 2, 2005

I'm trying to wrap veneer around a small radius cylinder (6" PVC). Does anyone have any ideas on making the final cut to minimize the seam?

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From contributor R:
I would suggest trying a drum guide attachment on a laminate trimmer. I have used one a lot of times with laminate while making cylinder retail display bases. I put up a link of the porter-cable base, but I know that Bosch and Dewalt also make them.

From contributor M:
The drum guide Contributor R mentioned would be very helpful. However, you could save yourself some money by attaching a small wooden block to the base of your router (either via screws or double face tape). Good luck, wrapping cylinders is not the easiest task. I suggest lots of practice before doing the final ones. And keep in mind that 6" pvc is far from round.

From contributor R:
To the original questioner: I was assuming you already had the bases that Contributor R was referring to, and that you just needed the drum attachment. I always use an underscribe base when doing a cylinder. The wood block idea would work, but it is much quicker to adjust the drum attachment than to keep cutting blocks till you get the right thickness for the diameter you are trying to seam.