Troubleshooting Caulk Discoloration

What could be making caulk at the backsplash joint of a new laminate countertop turn pink? July 18, 2008

20 plus years in the business, and this problem eludes me. I have four unhappy campers because their almond caulk has turned pink where we sealed the backsplash and sink. I'm not sure which product - silicon or latex - we used, but in all my years this has never happened. Now within the last four months, four times. Your thoughts?

Forum Responses
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From contributor G:
Are you using smart clips for the backsplash? If so, you shouldn't need to seal in front of the backsplash. We only use clear silicone, unless it needs to be paintable. Other than that couldn't think why it would turn pink.

From contributor S:
Did you change brands of caulk? Or maybe from mold growth!? I've seen caulk turn pinkish in spots that had seen mold, but I can't remember if it was silicone or latex. I think silicone. Some caulks actually have mold inhibitors, but I wouldn't know if they actually work.

From contributor F:
If the top is laminate, try Color-Rite and order the color by the laminate brand name and color number. Color-Rite does exact color match with an acrylic caulk that has a touch of silicone in it. It is paintable and very superior to latex. If you have a solid surface top, try Poly-Sil, a 100% silicone that is available with exact color match and particulate if you want it, also from Color-Rite.

From contributor J:
The caulk is pulling the color out of the glue you are using. Have you changed glues, possibly from natural to red sprayable?