Troubleshooting Static in the Paint Booth

Thoughts on the causes and cures for static electricity problems that interfere with finishing. March 26, 2009

We are currently experiencing difficulties with static electricity in our paint booth. All of our products cannot be cleaned well enough before topcoating and we are looking into several solutions, but wondering which actually works. We have researched the root of the problem, but installing a moisture system in the entire shop seems a bit pricey at the moment. I have also researched ionization blow guns and inline ionizers but I fear that won't solve the problem either. We are using Kremlin guns and Becker Acroma Amerivar and Bernyl Strong, both self sealing. I understand the product inherently creates a charge during curing...

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From contributor R:
Are the pumps and the booth grounded for static electricity? That is a good place to start. You may also look into anti-static wipes. Dupont makes an excellent system for automotive use.

From contributor G:
Have you tried anti-static sprays made for electronics? Have you tried Endust?

From contributor O:
I presume that you have tracked the problem to dry heated winter air. I would expect that whole plant humidifier would not be that expensive, however you state the contrary. How about just humidifying the spray booths? They are more or less an isolated environment, and smaller than your whole plant. If you do your final dusting outside the booth you would need to isolate and humidify that area as well.

From contributor B:
I would suggest trying a deionizing blow gun. Your local equipment supplier should be able to demo a unit for you. If it works, it is a relatively inexpensive fix. One source you can check out is Thanks for supporting Kremlin. I work for them.

From contributor J:
I like the Endust for tacking. I tack everything with a clean shop rag misted with Endust and never had a problem from using it. It works great for getting the dust and it gets rid of the static as well. When I paint automotive plastic the static is the biggest problem. The Endust helps me the most.

From contributor A:
Does Enddust have silicone in it? Has anyone used Onix blow-off guns for static?

From contributor G:

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From contributor J:
Endust leaves no residues and has no silicones or anything else that effects paint. I paint cars and use Endust for all my tacking, so if it were a problem, I'd know it. I've been using it for over 10 years now. A light mist on a clean towel and wipe the surface with it. Don't spray it directly on the surface or wet the rag.

From contributor U:
Static Gard, like what is used to remove static from garments, works quite well and is compatible with any finish.