Troubleshooting Wheel Mouse Problems with AutoCad

Fixing a few settings might work, or you might need a whole new mouse. October 1, 2005

I recently upgraded to Autocad LT 2005. The wheel mouse drag function that should operate by pushing down the wheel and dragging does not work. After years of panning this way it is a huge problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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From contributor C:
I would suggest that you try the Mbutton pan variable. It should either be set to 1 or 0. Try switching yours.

From the original questioner:
I tried that but it didn’t help any.

From contributor S:
Did you try a different mouse?


From contributor V:
In control panel make sure the mouse wheel function is set to Autoscroll.

From contributor M:
Another thing to check is to make sure your mouse is not a Microsoft Intellimouse explorer v4.0 (I’m going on memory here so I may be off on the version). If it is I would suggest buying another mouse. For some reason the combo of XP, Acad and that mouse simply will not let you Mbutton pan. It’s very annoying and no fix has been found as of a few months back.

From contributor P:
In Autocad, the Mbutton pan should equal 1. In your mouse software wheel should be set to Autoscroll, and the check box should be marked "use MS Office compatible scroll only" if it exists. Download your latest mouse driver, and then do the above again. If that doesn’t work, check the Autodesk Discussion Forum, and search for your problem. There are many threads for that.

From contributor S:
Have you tried a Logitech MX510 mouse? The included software will let you do just about anything you want with the buttons and wheel. I use one of the side buttons for the escape function, and they are very handy.

From contributor B:
I suggest that you download and install the latest version of Microsoft Intellipoint. I believe that the latest version is 5.20.413.0. Also, the default selection for the wheel botton for this latest version is "Next Window." You will need to change that to "Autoscroll." You might even get better performance by using the optional "Enable program-specific settings" feature.

From contributor H:
I solved a similar problem, by removing the manufacturers (logitec) mouse drivers and relying on Windows XP to run the mouse. It all works fine now.

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Comment from contributor A:
I had the problem of not being able to pan till I discovered my new Microsoft mouse wheel button had an extra new function of sideways movement. I had been inadvertently pressing sideways instead of directly down. For me it was just a matter of learning to use the mouse properly.