Troubleshooting an Edgebander Glue Application Problem

Problem: no glue on the first bit of edgebanding through the station. Solution: adjust the glue roller.June 16, 2014

I have a Brandt KD76 bander that I bought used. The manuals I have from Stiles are not the greatest regarding the setup. I have all the stations working well with the exception of the glue station. When you run a piece through the machine the first 3/4" doesn't seem to get any glue on it. The rest of the piece gets great coverage and the 0.5mm PVC tape sticks great. There is a metal shoe in the front of the glue roller and I have adjusted it in and out but it doesn't seem to matter. Before I spend upwards of a $1000 on a Stiles tech to come out and look at I thought I would see if anyone on here might be able to help out. Does anyone know of a good edgebander tech in central Michigan other than Stiles?

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From Contributor U:
You could have the glue roller too close to your panel. I would run a panel in the machine and stop the machine with it by the glue roller. Then adjust the glue roller away from the panel and adjust it back until it is within approximately .5mm of the panel. You don't want it to touch the panel and if it is too far away. You won't get any glue on the panel.

From contributor H:
I have a Cehisa Bander and there is a limit switch that controls when the glue starts to flow when a panel is introduced. Perhaps there is such a switch or air valve on the Brandt. Hopefully an owner will post a more accurate answer.

From Contributor U:
There is only a switch for activating the units. On most Brandt's the glue unit is spring loaded and always engaged for applying glue. It does not activate like your Cehisa does.

From contributor L:
Could it be that you are getting bounce because the glue station is in too far and the panel is banging it hard? Watch how far the glue station moves back when the panel hits it. It should only move back a couple of mm.

From the original questioner:
Contributor U and L you both were correct. The glue roller was too far forward. I backed it off and problem solved. The machine still needs a little more TLC, but it is a lot better now.

From Contributor U:
Like I mentioned, run a panel in and when it is next to the glue roller stop the machine. Adjust the glue roller so it is just away from the panel. Set this position and then adjust the amount of play to allow the glue roller to move back away from the panel. It should move approximately 2mm plus away. This would be the correct way to adjust the glue roller. Open up the beam and remove the panel and re-adjust the beam back to the correct position. This will get you the right amount of glue on the panel and everything will be in position.