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Big work trucks may get snagged by regulatory paperwork requirements, such as driver time log books. May 20, 2009

I guess I have been both ignorant and lucky for ten years. I have just added my third box truck for my cabinet shop. All are non CDL, but over 10,000 gvw, the biggest being 17850 gvw. We have never avoided weigh stations, always pulled in and always left without trouble. However in the past two weeks two of my drivers were stopped and asked to produce a log book. The first one, because of our ignorance, didn't have one, and we were let go with a warning. The second time was just after I put a log book in the truck, but the inspector gave the driver some guff for not having it filled out properly, again no fine, just a warning. Have rules changed, we have been doing this for ten years with the same size truck without ever being asked to produce a log book. We only drive our cabinets and counters and of course our tools and being in a tiny state like Connecticut we do go across state lines but only occasionally more than 150 miles from the shop. Are we really required to do all this extra paper work?

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From contributor M:
Are you talking a pre trip inspection log book. All drivers must complete this with the size of truck you are talking. A log does not have to be filled out if you travel less than 100 miles from home base, if you return within 14 hours of start time, or if you have time sheets with start and end times. All time sheets must be saved for a period of one year with start and end times. This may be different from state to state but will be very similar.