Tuning Up a Sticky Pocket Hole Cutter

Cleaning and lube advice for a pocket hole cutter that's getting creaky. April 6, 2011

I purchased a Kreg DK1100 pneumatic foot operated model from another shop. There seems to be a problem with the machine in that the drill turns on, but waits 12-18 seconds before going through its cycle. Just wondering if any of you have this machine or have experienced this and if so, what was the fix? Once it cycles, it drills just fine and returns normally. It just waits for 12-18 seconds before it starts up to drill.

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From contributor G:
Call Kreg - they are very helpful.

From contributor L:
Sounds like the same problem I have with my Foreman. The initial startup takes time, but after it gets going it works fine. After it sits for a while it needs that time again. I believe the part number is DB100 - it is the air valve that turns the air on and off. About $100. Put some air oil in the line and operate the machine. This will help but not fix the problem. You need to replace that valve body.

From contributor M:
I agree with contributor L. I had the same problem with my Forman. I took the valve apart and blew the dust out and put it back together and oiled it up and it was fine. It's starting to do it again now.

From contributor L:
I fixed mine. I pulled the valve switch apart and lubed up the piston. I also stretched the spring out and that did it. I wanted to replace the spring, but could not find a suitable replacement so stretching was the next best thing. Either way it works like new and the fix was close to free. 10 minutes longer than putting a new unit on.

You need to take the switch valve off the machine and remove the cir-clip off the valve. Careful - it is under spring pressure. Remove the spring and take a large wood screw and stick it into the hole in the aluminum plunger and cock it to one side to lodge it in there and pull the plunger out. Clean everything off and grease the plunger up. Put it back in. Take the spring and stretch it so it is about 1/2" longer than it is now. Put it back in the plunger hole and put the cap and cir-clip back on. The flat side goes in and the raised side goes out. Hook up the lines and try that sucka out. Mine works like new.