Turning Logs with a Winch

Here's how it's done. October 14, 2006

My Cooks MP32 came with a 12 volt winch for loading and turning logs. It has a hook like a come-along has. How do you hook it to the log to turn it?

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From contributor A:
Your post surprised me. Is your mill new? If so, I guess it did not come with great instructions. I have been reading about the Norwood, Turner and Cooks mills, as they seem to be pretty good and are in my price range. I am curious to read the solutions that you will be getting from those who use the Cooks mill and swear by (not at) it.

From contributor B:
My Norwood has a similar set-up. Hook the log about half way around the log (underneath) and winch towards you. It will roll the log against the stops. Make sure your stops are up.

From the original questioner:
The book is great on greasing and adjusting the blade guides, but there is no page about the winch. What do you hook the hook to? Should I wrap a chain around the log to hook the winch to? I don't need it on smaller logs, just the big ones I can't handle.

From contributor C:
The hook on your winch can be hooked to a cant hook (looks like a J or a fish hook). Then you can winch it. Your chain idea may work, but I guess the chain would slip some. Then do like contributor B says.

From the original questioner:
I need to buy one of those J hooks. Thanks for the help.

From contributor D:
I have the log turning winch for my Norwood Lumbermate 2000. It works very well and makes turning those big logs or cants quite easy. Look at the picture, and you can see how the hook works.

Click here for full size image

From contributor E:
I'm 75 years old and been loading logs on my Norwood Mark 4 with a winch since 1999. I have a 3/4 inch plastic rope with a loop tied in one end which I hook the winch cable to. By passing or wrapping rope over top of log two turns and holding the loose end of rope in left hand; with winch control in right hand the winch pulls log into and turns log against log stops.

As the log turn into the log stops the hook end of winch pulls in line and with your left hand you keep feeding the rope into the log. It won't slip. In fact with a 3/4 inch rope you don't have to tie a loop, by using a logger’s loop - bend back 18 inches or less of the bitter end; give it 4 or 5 twists to make a loop and hook the winch cable.

From contributor F:
I do not have the winch to turn the logs. I use a fork lift for the really big logs (30" diameter and 30' long). Cooks has a video on the winch turning system and most of their products. Send for the video, or call Stephen Cook. I know he would be more than happy to help you out.

From contributor G:
I use one of those yellow truck straps. Just wrap around the log twice and hold the free end in your hand, and it turns like a charm. Make sure you run it the right way or it will roll off the mill.