Updating Bathroom Vanity


From original questioner:

I want to update the bathroom vanity but do not want to redo the cabinets totally. Can the faceframe be removed from the existing cabinet? I wanted to redo the faceframe and then remake flush fitting doors vs overlay doors. Then install new top. Thanks for any tips and help.

From contributor Ri

By the time you do all that you may as well build a new carcus. Depending on how the face frame was attached, it may come off ugly.

From contributor ti

I've done this a few times. Worked out well.
The boxes were ply on the ones I did so the old face frames came off pretty clean.

Don't know what would happen with PB boxes. Probably not good.

From contributor Jo

I did this on the cabinet shown below except that I left the old frame in place and put 1/2" overlay doors on it. Then I built a frame around them so as to get the inset look. Came out pretty nice. Customer was happy.