Using Artist's Oil Paint to Make Toning Lacquer

Quick mixing tip for making toning lacquer using artist's oils. December 8, 2010

I need to create a toning lacquer for a walnut project and was wondering if I could mix a bit of artist oil color in lacquer. I was going to try burnt umber. Any other suggestions?

I normally use NGR stain (I'm out of this color) for this, but I'm in a bit of a time constraint, so I'm trying to use something readily available.

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From contributor R:
Sounds good. Mix your color up in lacquer thinner first and then add the mixed potion to your lacquer. You might also consider straining it through a fine mesh filter to prevent a non-dissolved chunk of color shooting out of your gun.

From contributor D:
Heed contributor R's advice. You cannot add the artist oil's in color to lacquer directly, as linseed oil is not compatible with lacquer. Put a small amount of the color into lacquer thinner first and then add into the lacquer. You shouldn't need much to make a toner.