Using OSB for Stickers

Sawmill pros generally frown on using oriented strand board (OSB) for sticker material. January 17, 2011

I am about to cut up 10 logs of black cherry into 5/4 thickness. Is there any reason I cannot use oriented strand board for the stickers? If I am air drying, about how long will it take to reach EMC?

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From contributor A:
OSB does not make good stickers. You can use them, but they will most likely be a one time deal. They draw in moisture and then fall apart. If they go into a kiln, the glue breaks down and stains the wood. Depending on where you live, the cherry will hit EMC somewhere around 9 months. Seal the ends to prevent checking.

From contributor S:
My business has been 95% cherry since I started in 1998. When I need stickers I saw the entire log into 4/4, and set aside the lowest grade boards from the center of the log. I put the low grade boards on the mill on edge 4 or 5 at a time and drop the saw down 3/4" each time to get the sticks. You can make them thicker or thinner, depending on your needs. I cut them to length on a chop saw or radial arm. Avoid using the sapwood from the outside of the log to make the sticks. Don't use OSB, plywood, or species that have low decay resistance.

From contributor R:
I've never used OSB, but the posts above sound reasonable. If you do it on the mill it won't take but an hour or so to make hundreds of stickers. I took a sycamore log that I didn't really have any use for and just slabbed it 5/4, then edged it right down to end up with 5/4 square stickers, then put them on the radial arm saw to 32". Some of them warped and turned into firewood, but I'm still using about 300-500 of them now on their third use.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the input. I am a furniture maker with a small shop in New Jersey. I seldom get the opportunity to do this - twice in 25 years. I am really not worried about the longevity of the stickers and will trash them afterwards and don't have room to store them. OSB is 10 bucks a sheet. I don't own the sawmill and am trying to keep the cost down, so I don't want to pay to make them. Anyway, I like the wainy edges. Sometimes they work well in the design. What I am most worried about is staining from the OSB. What do you think the chances are of sticker marks from this material?

From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
High risk of staining. Just get some 1x2 and maybe rip them into two pieces and use the 3/4" size for the height of the sticker.