Using Pinterest To Market Your Woodworking Business


From original questioner:

The New York Times ran an interesting article in the business section a couple of days ago. It was about the rollout of a new advertising campaign on Pinterest. The article discussed the relative distinctions between Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest shows up all the time in my website analytics so I tend to pay attention to articles with their name in the headline. Many customers come to my website from that site.

There was a lot of useful insight in the article about how our customers receive their information and how we might present ourselves to them. The article was written by someone who gave it some thought and had some pithy observations to share.

The New York Times tend to run articles that are relevant to things our customers care about. For this reason these same articles are relevant to us.

We can ignore these trends because we don't agree with them but it's probably not the most profitable course of action. If our customers are gathering at a different watering hole it could be useful to at least check in on it every now and then.

From contributor Pa

That is good to know, I usually just read the Paul Krugman column.

This is a part of surveying, IOW find out what magazines, TV shows, etc the customer reads. But assuming is not part of surveying.

You do have a point about keeping an open mind as I do tend to get too negative on the common fare of what people look at. E.G. network tv, or the "news"

Of course they will quip back Faux News, which I don't watch either.

From contributor Ki

Mr Rule - Since you don't read Pravda, you would not know that it ceased to be the voice of the Soviet Communist Party at the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Prior to that and after, circulation dropped by over 80%.

It was then taken over by a nationalist opposition party, but circulation continued dropping until its closing in 1996.

It was then revived a year later as a paper voicing the rising interest in returning to the 'old way' - Communism, and continues this view today. The 'good old days' is its stock in trade.

But it is nothing like what we in the West learned to fear and laugh at back during the Cold War. I think you would probably suffer no harm were you to be able to locate a translated copy. Heck who knows, your knowledge about the world may widen a bit.

Knowledge - or information - is nothing to be afraid of or avoid. In all cases, any knowledge is neutral. It is what you choose to do with ideas and knowledge that matters.

From contributor Ji

Okay, I'm taking the subject focus to be Pinterest.

I get more website traffic from Pinterest than from Facebook as well. 'Pin' content also shows up in search engine results unlike Facebook posts. In some instances, our Pinterest content outranks our website in searches. So, Pinterest is one of the few social media outlets we're looking to pursue this year.

We used to use Pinterest as a syndicated "after thought", letting the Pin text content be whatever happened automatically. We now use more purposeful keyword relevant text content.

Happy New Year