Using Rift White Oak For Pony Wall Cap


From original questioner:

The board also has to be at least 7.5" wide. It's for a pony wall cap. Yes I can splice it, but that just wouldn't look as nice. The homeowner would gladly pay up to $200 in freight.

From contributor Da

Have you considered scarfing two (or more) boards together? A good scarf joint will vanish in Rift Oak, and butted edges (for width) will also disappear. The ratio should be about 5 to 1 or better, and that will glue solid enough to go thru planers, shapers, etc.

I have built 20' long treads, up to 16" wide by scarfing for length and gluing for width.

Certainly more work than a single board, but if there is none......

From contributor mi

Frank Miller Lumber in Union City, IN would probably be your best Bet. They saw and dry there own logs and specialize
in q/r white and red oak. 888-345-5711. There rep just walked out my door..

From contributor Ch

A scarf joint never entered my mind.
Good call. I'll try the frank miller connection. I was told groff hardwood is the connection for all things rift oak. They are in Illinois and I'm in San Francisco. They didn't have it according to my local hardwood rep.

From contributor Ge

Frank Miller gets an A+, but there are others too. Make sure you and your client understand the difference between rift and quarter. Many times, rift looks fine, but the ray fleck is stronger with true quartersawn.

From contributor Ma

As mentioned above,try Frank Miller,also give Keim Lumber a call in Charm ,Ohio,they have supplied me with all sorts of products that no one else seemed to have.