Using Vacuum Bag For Top Of Small Cabinet


From original questioner:

I have a cabinet thats 13x9x62 inches and have used veneer vacuum press and done all sides. I am now wondering how to do the small area witch is the top of the cabinet. wanted to use vacuum bag, but dont know how to set this up. Do I stand cabinet upright and pull bag over and around it with platem thats a bit shorter than cabinet? didnt think using clamps was the way to go, because if cabinet isnt perfect on top veneer may not be down on edges correctly.

From contributor Ri

I assume the top is the 9"x13" dimension? One option is to take yellow cabinet glue and apply it to both the cabinet top and the back of the veneer and let it dry to the point where you can touch it but it doesn't stick to your fingers. Once it's to this point,you can iron it on with a regular household iron.Mist the back of the veneer with water before you apply the glue to keep it from curling up. Make sure you keep the iron moving across the entire surface with moderate pressure so you don't burn the veneer and you cure the glue evenly. Try it on a piece of scrap and see how you do.It works well,but takes a little practice.Don't apply the glue to heavy,two thin coats will be fine.