Variations in Glaze Behavior

Glaze may wipe off solid wood face frames and plywood end panels differently, because of the different ways the two materials absorb the base coat. May 11, 2006

Why is Amazing Glaze wiping off of my face frames as clean as I want, but it is not wiping off of my finished ends as nicely? I have used Magnamax, and have waited well beyond the recommended time period for it to cure.

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From contributor W:
What kind of stock is your finished ends made of? The same as your face frames?

From the original questioner:
It is just flat ply panels. Birch veneer core. Is this the reason? It has the same finish schedule on all.

From contributor W:
If your ends are birch veneer core and face frames are solid wood, there could be a factor there if the finish schedule is same. Maybe the solid contents of Magnamax were changed in the absorbing process of one over the other. Krystal is a better material to use over Magnamax in my opinion for Amazing Glaze anyway.

And if you still want to use Magnamax, just apply heavier coatings on the ends, and wait longer for application of glaze.

From contributor S:
When using a rub-off glaze, those ends have to be slick in order to get easy removal. Heavy end coats were mentioned. It's correct that is difficult to get good coverage on edges due to narrow profile and vertical spray. Prep sanding the edges thoroughly helps also.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the advice. I agree that it is a combination of both reasons - vertical edges and ply. I am more thoroughly sanding now with better results.