Veneer Splicer Problems 2: Mismatching

Troubleshooting checklist to identify and resolve maintenance issues that can cause operating problems with veneer splicing equipment. January 4, 2007

Reprinted with permission from Diehl Machines,


The ends of the spliced veneers are offset.

Improper feeding. The veneer is fed into the machine unevenly.

Align edges and use only one hand to feed both sheets of veneer.

Mismatches under the matching rolls.

Too much or too little spring pressure on the matching rolls

Large lower idle roll not turning with feed chains. Replace bushing.

Matching rolls and/or lower feed rolls worn. Replace parts.

Burr on the infeed guide or table catching the veneer. Repair.

Mismatching at the beginning of feed chains.

Heater strip not "floating" up and down. Check adjustments of lower heater bar. Reset machine.

Pressure bar is too low. Check the float gauge.

The suspension bolt is too loose. Tighten the suspension bolt.

Upper heater bar is too low. Readjust the heater bar .

Mismatches while under the pressure bar.

Check the adjustment of the lower heater bar, the upper heater bar, and the pressure shoes.

Pressure bar is too low or high. Check the float gauge.

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Reprinted with permission from Diehl Machines,