Warming Drawer Depth and Frameless Cabinetry

Tips on making cabinets the right dimensions to fit warming drawer units. December 1, 2010

I don't do many kitchens that use warming drawers anymore, but I have two now and they are euro construction. The customers want them with wood panels and flush. I have the specs and they are not very clear and don't tell you how to do this installation. The company in my town that installs appliances professionally tells me they stick out. My customer wants them flush. I've already built the cabinet and I'm getting the warming drawer delivered to fit in the shop. How have you handled this problem?

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From contributor R:
They can pretty much all be installed to have the panel finish flush if you plan accordingly - it is just a drawer. It would appear that your chances of achieving the fit your customer is looking for are slim, as you have already built the cabinet without complete information.

At this point I would wait for the unit to arrive, mock it up, and build another cabinet. It will probably need to be wide enough to recess the unit slightly into the cabinet, and most likely will not have a back to accommodate the depth. Document your solution so you don't end up in the same position next time.

In the future, I would visit an appliance showroom with a tape measure in hand if you are not comfortable with the spec sheet.

From contributor T:
I have installed many warming drawers and if you want the unit to look like just another drawer, you have to make the inside dimension of your frameless cabinet the cut out dimension and allow extra room for the depth, and finish the first 1/4" of the inside of the cabinet. Most of the time the cabinet is larger than the appliance, so I build a face frame inside the cabinet to be attached at appliance install.

From contributor F:

You might check the model number to be sure it is known as an integrated unit. A lot of appliance manufacturers offer models as integrated for use on inset/beaded inset work.

I just installed a Wolf brand warming drawer in a beaded inset kitchen and the integrated instructions called for deeper than standard cabinet depth in order to have the applied drawer front flush with the rest of the faces in the run. As a side note, bid high if you ever get that particular model warming drawer because it is a real pain with special cleats and anti-tip brackets, etc.