Water Based Dye And Finish Timing


From original questioner:

dyed a piece with a few coats of water based dye then sealed with shellac. I then applied a coat of GF high performance. After that had dried I took the dye filled sponge that I had kept in zip lock bag all night and wiped a very light glaze over the top as a toner. I never dipped it back in the dye just used the leftovers and it left a nice thin coat that deepened the color nicely. My question is now how long should I wait to spray the final topcoat? it will also be GF high performance. Do I need to seal to again? It's perfect and I don't want to screw it up. BayCedarCo

From contributor Br

You should be able to finish within 24 hrs. Probably less. The only problem is the open time of the product between coats. Is gf water or oil based. I haven't used there products in years. If it's water then it's probably a self seal

From contributor jo

It is water based. I did a test piece and after only an hr I had very little color on my finish rag and I wiped it. I think i'm ok.

From contributor Br

If you had no issue with your sample then yes you should be fine. Fisheye or wrinkling would be present immediately It sounds like your dye was applied lightly which helps with adhesion rather then a thick slurry applied over the finish