Wavy East Indian Rosewood


From original questioner:

Rosewood is just a bit wavy.Not to bad. Will vacuum pull the wavyness out as its building pressure. Just wondered if I need to flatten veneer more? Id say its raised 1/2 inch in some places, but over a fairly long distance. If veneer seems very brittle was worried that the vacuum press may crack veneer in suction process.

From contributor Ka


I assume you are talking about un-backed veneer. There is a high risk that the veneer will crack if you do not flatten it before hand. Rosewood is very brittle and stubborn. It should be conditioned and flattened before application. There are several different methods for doing this. The following link gives some advice and methods for flattening wavy veneer. Good luck.

From contributor Ke

It's hard to say without seeing the actual veneer. If you can seam and tape it effectively as is, it probably will press ok, but rosewood may be a special case. If you do flatten it, I would recommend drying it afterwards, using nylon screen and blank newsprint under weights or in a press, changing the paper until the veneer is dry. I have seen joints open up in burl layups after following the GF20 label process which does not include drying. If you add glue to the GF20 it will help stabilize the veneer for long term storage, but you may stick your veneer to the newsprint if you don't use screening in between.