What To Use As An Outdoor Cedar Furniture


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Does anyone have some suggestions for an out door lacquer or poly I could use on some cedar couches and a live edge slab coffee table? I spray Becker Aroma ' s Klintcryl poly for exterior doors but our supplier said exterior doors is about where it should end for Klintcryl. His explanation is that doors are usually not exposed directly to the elements. These cedar pieces will be out on full on rain in summer and although they will be tarped they will be left out in winter (potentially minus 35). Quite worried about this project and now I have an exterior door in my shop that isn't protected by an overhang on the roof so I'm second guessing what to use for it too! Help!!

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You can use a traditional Spar Varnish but be aware the finish will need to be repaired every 2 or 3 years depending on how extreme the environment they will live in. Teak oil will work but it will not protect as well as the varnish. It is easier to do the repairs in the future.


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If you're looking for a fast dry 2K poly spray finish, ML Campbell's Euro X will fit and shouldn't be to hard to track down through a local dealer or online.