What Type Of Wood Is This?


From original questioner:

I have a client that wants to match some existing cabinetry in their home. They say it is an "exotic" species but can't remember what it was called. Their former cabinetmaker has since retired so no luck there trying to get in contact. The background color tones are very melon like madrona. A lot of the different grain patterns resemble cherry and red birch. What do you guys think?

From contributor Ru

Vote = Cherry

From contributor Ro

I vote early and often for......Red Birch. My thinking is that Cherry would have taken on a different color than whats being shown.

From contributor D

Looks like a typical Birch grain pattern , the curly grain switch .Birch can be stained to match easily.

From contributor ch

Another vote for birch.

From contributor Jo

It's definitely rotary cut Birch and more than likely rotary cut Red Birch. Some companies like to add "exotic" names to their Birch, but it's Birch.

I hope the customer didn't pay "exotic" prices for that. If they did, they got ripped off!

From contributor Jo

Red Birch

From contributor La

Another vote for birch. Cheap, readily available, not very exotic!

From contributor Ad

If its anything other than red oak its exotic.

From contributor Ja

Red birch for sure just got done with a kitchen with it

From contributor De

It's Birch hand selected by meticulous craftsmen to have the lowest white content possible. (sarcasm)

Marketed as Red Birch and about as exotic as Fruit of the Loom underwear.

From contributor to

I believe that is the exotic birch that I could not give away for 20 years and people beg for it now. It looks like it has aged a bunch.

From contributor St

Thank you all for your input. I agree, red birch has the closest resemblance of anything I can find - it was the melon tones that were throwing me a little. If the homeowners are able to find it in their records (they are searching too), I will post it here.

From contributor Jo

Sort of like stone - they can make names up or use a foreign translation. In French, Birch = Bouleau = more money...........

From contributor Jo

Joe, you reminded me of a company that once "over-cooked" their Hard Maple logs while processing them for veneer, and sold the resulting "pinkish" (H Maple turns pink if over-cooked) veneer as "blush Maple". They took their mistake and turned it into more cash than if they hadn't screwed up. Some architect or designer thought they were getting "special" veneer, I could only scratch my head and laugh!

From contributor Sa

I think it's Birch wood. Birch's ease of use and reasonable price, have made it a great craftwood, for almost any woodworking project.

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From contributor Ia

Can anyone tell me what kind of wood these cuttings are?
The cuttings were taken from an old piece of wood found under a peat bog from the old Caledonian forest?