What makes a trailer load?

Determining how many board feet of lumber comprise a "trailer load." November 15, 2000

How many bd/ft. makes up a "trailer load?"

Depends on the species and MC. 12,000 to 15,000 would be common; more with lighter weight, planed wood.

Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor

Some species I deal with:

7,500' +/- Green So. Red Oak
10,500' +/- Air Dried So. Red Oak
12,500' +/- Kiln Dried So. Red Oak

8,000' +/- Green Cottonwood
14,000' +/- Air Dried Cottonwood

I disagree if you are talking of syp. Green 9400 bf would be max weight. Finished would be 20 to 23000 bf.