What's an Overhead Router Good For?

CNC router owners say they still find lots of uses for their old, "obsolete" overhead pin routers. August 21, 2006

Can anyone give me feedback on overhead routers in your shop operations?

Forum Responses
(Furniture Making Forum)
From contributor A:
They work great for pattern work. I use mine for one piece MDF doors, pattern arches, flutes, etc. They're pretty much viewed as obsolete.

From contributor B:
My two "obsolete" overhead pin routers (Wadkins) are used for low-volume shaping work, post profiling of CNC routed components, parting-out of small components cut on the CNC, jig drilling, chair leg routing (one of them has a semi-automatic power feeder table) - in fact anything you can do with a hand router, but with a lot more power (6-1/2 real HP in place of 2-1/2 HP). I reckon I could get by without the CNC, but not without the pin routers.

From contributor C:
I sold my pin router when I got my CNC and I sure wish I had it back. It was a wonderful Onsrud Shoda, cast iron.