Where to Mount a Power Feeder

Convenient adjustment and smooth operation are considerations when you mount a power feeder on a table saw or shaper. January 26, 2008

Where is the correct location for placement on machines? Power feeder and table saw.

Forum Responses
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From contributor P:
I have two shapers. On one I have mounted it on the left, and on the other the right. I find having it on the left is more convenient. The drawback is that the feed force tends to rotate the whole feeder to the fence, which is fine unless you forget to tighten the lower clamp on the column. It will crash into the cutter. If on the right, it has a tendency to pull away from the fence under load. Both cases assume feeding from the right to left.

From contributor J:
For a table saw, most I've seen are on the back right corner of the table. I have one like that and it is a bit of a pain to adjust, being a reach away. I have another one mounted more in the center of the right extension wing that is much easier to adjust. If you will be using the saw without the feeder engaged, keep it as far to the right as the horizontal arm will allow to get more ripping capacity.