Which Polyerythane


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I am debating between safe coat satin poly and vermont naturals polywhey for low VOC bamboo plywood desktop. Does anyone have experience with either?

From contributor an

i dont have experience with any of those brands you mentioned but we have done quite a few bamboo tops,,, mostly for desktops and at first we were using regular nc clear lacquer and although that worked well and has held up well,, any desktops we would do now would be with clear cv.

From contributor Br

We used some of the Vermont coating on a reclaimed table for a restaurant. I thought the finish seemed soft to the touch but they said it still looks great after the first year of use.

It sprayed well. I used a gravity with a 1.4 tip and I believe I thinned the product 5%. It has a nice look when done. Not quite as milky as some waters.

I would not hesitate to use it again if it were specd in a job but I prefer CV or 2K.

Another option we use is Sayerlack AF products. In 15 years it's the best water based product I've used. Whether clear,tinted or pigmented, self sealing. I like it enough that I order the product by the drum.