Will I Lose Power with a Phase Converter?

Rotary phase converters can supply full power current. Static converters lose about 30 percent. December 6, 2006

Bought a Holz-Her 1265s. Only have single phase. Someone told me I would only run 70% of power, then I was told by someone else that I would not. Would an electronic phase inverter be the better choice?

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From contributor T:
With a static converter, you will lose 1/3 of the rated HP. If the machine has electronics on it, a static converter will not work. Rotary phase converters will let your machine run at full power on single phase.

From contributor P:
A big rotary phase converter will do you fine, and you'll probably not notice the minor loss of power, plus, if you size it right, you'll be able to run other 3-phase equipment on the same converter - I run my whole shop on a 20 hp converter. The electronic inverters (as differentiated from static converters) will cause less power loss, but I think will be specific to the machine. To be perfectly safe, though, I'd recommend that you sell me the 1265-S at a significant loss, thus eliminating any concerns!

From contributor R:
Clearly a question for your local motor shop. 1/3 power loss on a static converter. Properly sized rotary will give full power and let you power smaller machines. Electronic (VFD) if sized correctly will give full power, but you can only run one motor at a time unless you reprogram it. Not suitable for all applications. If your saw has a separate motor for the scoring, then a rotary is the way to go. There is a fourth way - phaseperfect.com - totally electronic three phase and will run multiple stuff, but pricey.

From contributor M:
We run a Holz-Her 1411 bander on a rotary converter (can't remember the hp). Works fine. Really old converter, but seems tough as nails.