Wood Medallion Accuracy Tip

Here's a slick trick for making all the angle cuts work out on a multi-piece medallion. November 28, 2006

I have to make a 1.5 mtre circular wood floor medallion which will have 16 pieces that all join into the centre, along with many internal parts. All the pieces are drawn on Autocad and will be cut on the CNC, so all the parts are very accurate. Does anyone have experience in the manufacture of medallions? I am having problems trying to get all the parts to line up.

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From contributor L:
I've made smaller medallions and I ran into the same problem. Trying to get exactly 360 is tough to do. So what I have done, when it can be done, is glue up two half medallions and then make a straight line cut, then just glue the two halves together. If your design allows it, it really simplifies things.