Working Green Versus Dry Hickory

Yes, it's true: green Hickory or Oak is much easier to work by hand than dried wood. March 13, 2014

Is there a huge difference in how easy it is to spokeshave spindles for a Windsor chair if the hickory is green instead of dry? In other words should I go out and cut one down rather than struggling with the dry wood I have?

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From contributor D:
Huge difference. Dry hickory is like working with iron; same thing with dry white oak. I always use both when it's dead green. Red oak, on the other hand, stays very workable even dry.

From contributor R:
Night and day difference. Dry hickory will also require constant sharpening of the tools. Work them wet and slightly oversize in diameter. Finish size them when dry.

From the original questioner:
I'm glad to hear this, thank you! No wonder I've been having such a tough time.