Working With Accoya


From original questioner:

Below is a link to a great Woodweb discussion on Accoya (treated Radiata Pine). Just about everything one would want to know about this material is discussed.

There is one point though that is not brought up. Can someone who has used the wood let me know if there are any sensitivity issues? One has to be careful working with pressure treated lumber due to the chemicals used in the treating process. Are there any similar concerns here?

BH Davis

From contributor ro

I have completed several window project using Accoya. The only complaint I have about that material is you get sticker marks when you stain it.this is where they put the small sticks in between the lumber when they killed dry it, treat it, whatever they do. they show up so lighter marks and that area doesn't take stain very well..

From contributor Da

I have not worked with the stuff beyond a few samples. I was positively impressed, but have been unable to sell it in my low ball neighborhood. The MSDS does not appear to show any sensitivity, though that could be shielded in tech-speak.

I have spoken with two shops that love it, and both said the only downside was a faint vinegar smell in the shop, but that it was not obnoxious.

The brochures I have portray it as a less toxic and better alternative to other preservative treatments, suitable for various EU applications where other treatment solutions were not permitted.

My samples/info came from Sierra Forest Products -

From contributor Jo

This is a good question. I think there are a few health hazards. We were given a large window and door making manual from a school in Germany we visited last year. Of course the Germans go into great detail for every thing they do. They had 25 pages discussing chemically and thermally modified wood as to stability, longevity and thermal properties.

There was only one paragraph that stated it is hazardous to health, machines and tooling. They recommend proper dust collection and checking with the manufacture about the dangers. That was all.

I think the danger with thermally modified is the very fine dust it makes when machining.

From contributor Ge

Joe is correct, but the fine dust of wood like pine can create an allergic response and may be a carcinogen, heat treated or not.

From contributor Ad

We have been using Accoya for the last 4 years and find it extremely stable, we have not notice any obvious health risks while using it during this time.
Joe is correct about the dust, it is finer than most softwoods because the timber bone dry (about 5% usually).