Wrist Fatigue and Spray-Gun Hose Choices

Here's how to equip your spray gun to reduce wear and tear on your wrist during use. October 13, 2008

I use a Graco 395 to do all of my spraying with a stock 50' 1/4 hose and it kills my wrist. Is there a 1/4 hose that is more flexible that I can attach to my 50' hose? Maybe only 5' long? I have never seen one before, and surely I'm not the only one with wrist problems.

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From contributor J:
Go to your local paint store and ask for a 3' whip hose. They will know what you need.

From contributor M:
Unless you ask for a 3/16" id the whip won't feel much different than what you have. Bedford Precision Parts has a "high pressure live swivel" that eliminates the inherent torque of HP hoses. It attaches to the inlet of the gun and permits the hose to "roll" free as you spray. Do both and you will feel a lot better after a long spray session.

From contributor A:
Get the 3/16' whip hose. You can also get a set of double swivels for the hose and the gun to give it even more flexibility.