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Current best air, random orbit sander?


Looking to purchase a top air driven RO sander with small or 3/32 RO. For thoes with the opportunity to have used a variety of Sanders, what's your prefrence?

11/2/14       #2: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

Dynabrade are highly regarded in the industry. I have one and find it very comfortable to use.

11/2/14       #3: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

By the way, I don't remember if it was an option, but I got a hose and filter bag with it for dust removal, which works great. The hose will also fit a shop vac inlet which is even better.
A Festool hose will also fit it if you already have one.

11/2/14       #4: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

3M makes one with a little bit different design. I was skeptical at first but after a several hours of use I found it to be MUCH more comfortable to use than Dynabrade or Mirka.

11/2/14       #5: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Denny J

I have a Dynabrade, a Sioux and a 3m. They are all good sanders and will last a very long time if treated properly. I think the 3m and the dynabrade are more ergonomic but then again the Sioux is my oldest and the new ones might be just as good.

11/2/14       #6: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Jim Herron

I have a dynabrade (pneu) and mirka ceros (elec) both 3/16" orbit.
While the dynabrade is great I prefer the Ceros. The dynabrade is an air pig, driving the purchase of the Ceros.

11/3/14       #7: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

As a seller, I'll share that the 3M and Dynabrade are my two top sellers. We test with woodworkers in my local market, and the 3M currently has a slight edge. However, since we have been able to now stock the 3/32" orbit with the CEROS, that is becoming a top seller if you don't currently have a 7 hp compressor. It is far more economical to run the CEROS than the compressor. The CEROS is also much quieter! Get our phone from the web site, call and mention this post for a special discount.

11/3/14       #8: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

we use dynabrade and have been very happy with their machines. Just recently, however, 3M brought in a couple of their newer sanders for us to try out. Their machines are GREAT! They are built, feel, and perform a little better than the Dynabrades. They are slightly more expensive (a $12 difference on my qoute) but i will definitely be purchasing them for now on.

11/3/14       #9: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
herb johnson

might be hard to get a demo but maybe see if one of your w.w. friends has a model that you can put in your hand

biggest issue with air sander is feeding them with dirty oil air, if you are going to spend the money for an air sander, spend a 150 dollars for a industrial grade filter coalescer, it will extend the life of the air motor vanes, also with dirty vanes, you can end up slowing down the rpm of the sander giving you more swirl marks, also, most of my operators press down too hard on the sander causing swirls , they the sander do its thing you don't have to mash on it for it to do its jiob

good luck
herb j.

11/3/14       #10: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

Anyone use Airvantage? Story I heard is that 2 men left dynabrade and started there own RO sander business. Comparisons.....?m

11/6/14       #11: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Adam West  Member


I have yet to hand a person our Surf Prep Trident sander who didn't fall in love with it instantly.

I have been carrying one in my kit since we introduced them at the Atlanta show this year. I have not had to sell one single sander yet. All I do is explain the features and let them try it. The look of shear delight at the smoothness and ergos of this sander is almost universal.

We will have 3/32" eventually but it seems pointless with the finish we get of this machine and hook & loop backed film.

There real isn't anything on the market available today. The guy who designed the dynabrade, 3m, and air advantage sanders designed our Trident. It is the culmination of every design advance of several generations of random orbit sanders.

We are very proud of this machine.

11/7/14       #12: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Mark V.


The specs on your Trident sander are "90 psi, 6.2 bar, 17 scam, 3.4 cfm".

Can you please explain to me what 17 scam is? Also, is the 3.4 cfm correct (it could run on a fairly small compressor)?


11/7/14       #13: Current best air, random orbit sand ...

Jim, I think it is a typo. Air consumption is moving away from CFM and using SCFM.
From Wickipedia:
The term cubic feet per minute (CFM) is ambiguous when it comes to the mass of gas that passes through a certain point because gas is compressible. If the pressure is doubled, then, for an ideal gas, the mass of the gas that passes by will also be double for the same rate of flow in cubic feet per minute.
Standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) is a volumetric flow-rate corrected to a set of "standardized" conditions of pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. The standard conditions are often defined as 14.7 psia, temperature 60F and relative humidity 0%, but the conditions may vary depending on the "standard" used.
For these reasons, both numbers were presented for a while, but now manufacturers are moving away from the CFM number and just presenting the SCFM.
So there are two variables you have to meet with a compressor, Pressure: the PSIG (BAR) and SCFM. Pressure requirements determine compressor TYPE: Generally to maintain 90 PSIG (17.2 bar), you will need a two-stage compressor. This is especially true if tool use is continuous. The SCFM, determines compressor size. Calculate the total SCFM needed. If total is less than 100 SCFM, divide number by 4 to determine compressor HP. If SCFM is greater that 100, divide number by 5. To run one sander needing 17 SCFM, you should have a 4-1/4 HP compressor or larger. (credit to Dynabrade) You can buffer the compressor cycling with larger air tanks.

11/7/14       #14: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Adam West  Member


Steve is correct. The old standard cfm rating was supposed to be on a 15 second run. You will need a compressor that can put out 17 cfm to keep up with a continuous running sander. I run mine at home on my 5 hp but I never run continuous. I need a much bigger compressor or at least a big air tank for the short runs I do.

11/8/14       #15: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Mike Fuson

I have a brand new porter able and its five years old, hate that thing. My 80 gallon tank couldn't keep up with it. We have the little square surf prep sander and really like it but that's really the only experience with air sanders I have. Always preferred electric over air because the air ones work the compressor so hard. As far as electric goes, the little fat porter cable ones are the best I've used.

2/16/17       #16: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Nik Petrovski


Festool is definitely the best brand that produces random orbit sanders. I have one for over 3 years now and it works perfectly like it was bought few days ago!

3/15/18       #17: Current best air, random orbit sand ...
Juan L. Brown  Member


I've always been Makita for the win for sure. I've been using mine for over 5 years now, and it only just needed another look at.

Which would you suggest out of this list of orbital sanders?

Thank you

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