3hp Grizzly Dust Collector Problem


From original questioner:

My 3hp grizzly dust collector Manufactured in 2001 is malfunctioning.

The problem:
When I turn the machine on the motor spins and sounds exactly like it always sounded, but it does not reach full speed and then the circuit breaker trips. I thought it might be the starter capacitor,but it is not leaking and the motor does turn freely just doesn't make the jump to light speed.
The tech at grizzly told me to remove the fan cover and fan. he thought the points might be stuck or the centrifugal switch was not functioning. I removed the centrifugal switch and the contact points. I lightly sanded the points and they are clean (although they do look worn). I checked the centrifugal switch and it seems to be functioning correctly.
I reassembled but left the fan off so I could view the centrifugal switch in operation. I slid the centrifugal switch back on the shaft so that the contact points just touch to make contact.
When I turned on the motor it started as it always does but the centrifugal switch never slid back to allow the contact points to open. I'm not sure if the motor is not reaching enough speed to allow the centrif. switch to slide back or if there is another problem.
There are no bearing problems as the motor turns freely and there are no odd noises, it just doesn't make the jump to light speed after starting.
anybody have any suggestions or tips?

From contributor Sn

We've replaced the centrifical switches on several older Grizzly collector motors.
They are not expensive and not hard to change.
I've even got 1 or 2 extras as spares just in case.
Just make sure you get the right one to fit your motor. I think we had at least 2 different kinds.

From contributor Gr

thanks for the response.
I replaced the centrifugal switch and while I was at it I replaced the contact points and the starting capacitor.
It started right up.