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From original questioner:

I have a Delta 50-871 Air Cleaner. While it's made to be ceiling-mounted, it seems to me that, since dust that goes up must come down, the best use of the filter would be to run it at tool height on a rolling stand. Members, what do you think?

From contributor Je

One of the advantages to mounting it to the ceiling is that it's out of the way. You can certainly put it on a stand or bench top....but now there's one more thing taking up valuable real estate, and one more cord to trip over!

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From contributor Ja

Good points about space and trip hazards. I have it ceiling-mounted now, it just seems to me there is more dust 4 feet off the floor than 8 feet off the floor.

From contributor Ma

It's the dust you can't see that you need to be most worried about.... and that will flutter about with even the slightest air currents.

So when setting up a filter, try to evaluate how it can best create an airflow pattern that cycles shop air the most effectively (i.e. mounting it in a corner might not be the greatest idea).

Just for example, if your shop is 40'x40', having two filters mounted on the centerline of the ceiling, 10' in from the end walls, pointing in opposite directions, would create a circular air flow.

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From contributor Ja

Thanks, Mac. I hadn't taken into consideration that those smallest air particles can float upward toward the filter. And, as you pointed out, it's the smallest particles that can enter most deeply into the alveoli of the lungs. Good points!

From contributor bi

It was always my impression that the best height to install these air cleaners was at 8'. The general consensus is that most of the dust will stay in the lower part of the shop were it is created, and where we are trying to breathe. Most experts recommend using 2 air cleaners hanging them about 4 or 5' from the side wall, about 10' from the end walls, pointed in opposite directions to create a circular air flow around the room.

From contributor B.

big K,

Can you tell us where you found that location information? I have 2 units in our 20 x 40 primary work space. They are currently about 10' from the end walls but center in the room width wise. They point in the same direction.

I would like to read more on recommended placement.

BH Davis

From contributor bi

One source for good info about air filtration devices is the book "Woodshop Dust Control" by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, available from Taunton Press. I have also seen this same info elsewhere, but am unable to cite any of these particular sources off the top of my head.

While I am not familiar with the specific setup in your shop, I find the arrangement of your AFD's to be a little odd. While they are probably getting the air in the center of your space really clean, I have to question whether the air around the edges might still be somewhat more dust laden. In my shop, I have predominately large machines in the center of the room, and they are all connected to my central dust collector which does an excellent job of controlling that dust. I find that most of the loose dust is created at the workbench and at smaller saw stations located around the perimeter of the shop.