Blower and Cyclone Positioning

Should the blower push air into the cyclone, or pull air out of it? October 1, 2010

We have a Koger 25 hp blower and a Mac Cyclone with rotary air loc. We have an outside storage shed we blow our shavings into. Would it be better to duct into the blower and vent into the cyclone or duct into the cyclone and pull through the cyclone with the blower? We have another small blower to direct the fallout from the airloc to the storage bin. It seems to me I see a lot of the larger systems with the the blower first in line and blowing into the cyclone. The cyclone will be vented outside and not into a bag house. We use it mostly on moulder and planer. Which way will give us the most CFM?

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From contributor C:
I would set up a pull through arrangement. Better to have all of the chips and splinters enter the cone first. Your blower will only see fine dust. In a pull through arrangement, you must have air tightness under the cone, which you have with the air lock. The systems that have blower first are normally done so the waste can be dropped out of the cone bottom into a hopper that does not have to be sealed. That arrangement does not need an air lock. Always better to spin out coarse material before it hits the blower. If a pull through is not air tight under the cone, material will come up through the center, into the blower, and out the discharge to filters.