Cleaning Cyclone Filters

Tips on keeping filters clean without creating more dust. May 15, 2011

I have an older Oneida 1 1/2 hp cyclone. With the absurd ritual of blasting the dust off the filter with compressed air to clean it, I'm about ready to shelve it. I've heard of others using containers with cyclone lids in series before the collector, to both reduce buildup on the filter and increase holding capacity. Does anyone have this setup, and does it work? The collector was carried over from a previous shop. The fine dust isn't so much of an issue as the unit is in a shed outside of our current shop.

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From contributor L:
If the unit is outside, then you don't even need the filter. Unless you are afraid the small amount of fine dust might ruin something nearby.

From contributor K:
I agree - toss the filter. I've been using an Oneida 3hp Pro and I exhaust it outside (through the roof) and get only a little very fine dust.

From contributor T:
I clean all my cyclone filter bags over the downdraft table, then I clean the downdraft filters with the cyclone. Absolutely no dust using this method. Maybe you should look into using filter bags instead of the cartridge. When a bag cakes up, you just knock it down. I would recommend using at least 100 sq. ft. of filter fabric. The more filter area, the better the dust capture. My 2 hp cyclone uses two large bags joined together and it hangs from the rafters, 14 long. Ceiling here is 18'. Custom bags are not expensive.