Converting To A Cyclone Collector.


From original questioner:

We are about to convert our Grizzly 3HP dust collector into a cyclone collector. We have purchased the cyclone but was wondering were to buy the filter and any suggestion before we start would be helpful. Also if you know of any web pages that also would be appreciated, thanks.

From contributor Mi

I had a lot of problems with the cartridge filter on my tempest cyclone.

Based on the recommendations I received in this thread I decided to have a custom filter bag made by american fabric filter, and I am very pleased . The fabric they use is not the ordinary stuff you see in the average filter bag. These are meant for industrial use.

The performance compared to my cartridge filter is night and day.

The price was about $175 shipped for a custom bag. Lead time was about 2 weeks.

From contributor B.

I second the recommendation for American Filter Fabric. I have two of their custom bags and they work very well.

BH Davis

From contributor do

Check with Wynn
Environmental for filters. Tell them what you are doing and have them recommend a solution. They are very helpful.