Dust-Collecting Ducting in Slabs

Comments on running dust-collection vacuum ducts under a concrete floor. August 21, 2006

Does anybody know the ramifications of putting dust collection pipes under a concrete floor for two cabinet saws? The approximate distance under the floor will be 8 to 10 feet.

Forum Responses
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From contributor D:
Could be a pain if they get clogged or something lodges itself down there.

From contributor F:
Marathon Coach uses underground (under concrete) dust collection in their cabinet shop and the only problem they have had is with a high water table that found its way into the piping. Actually had to put in a pump at the low end. Except for the dust getting wet and turning to its own variety of concrete, it has worked fine.

From contributor M:
Don't see why it would be a problem if you put a "street Y" on the line with a cap on one end of the Y. That way, if it ever clogged, you could put a snake down the pipe to dislodge the obstruction.

From Curt Corum, forum technical advisor:
One important factor is the 90 degree elbows. Make sure you use elbows with a nice sweep; this will benefit your air flow and help prevent clogs. Also, if you use metal duct and els, coat them to create a barrier between the concrete and the metal.

From contributor L:
You can get coated spiral duct from a heating contractor that is made to go into concrete. We started off with in-floor ducts, which worked okay. I got a long piece of flex hose for the shop vac and could clean out the occasional plug with it. None of the under floor ducts are now in use. Tool locations tend to need to be changed when you upgrade your shop.