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From original questioner:

Thanks for helping. I purchased a used system a few months ago and finally set it up and got it wired up. It is an older unit but it works great, (Sounds like a jet starting up!).

My prolem is, I purchased this unit with out any bags. It has the lower box to catch the large particles, but does not have anything to collect the fine particles...

I am thinking of purchasing two 55 gal steel drums and cloth bags/ tubes to go on top to the output (10") with some kind of duct work to interface the 10" out to the bags/tubes.

Please take a look at the picture I have attached and let me know what my options are? I have priced out the bags and bag/ output duct work interface at $200-$300 bucks.

Could I straight pipe the dust into a silo with out filters?

Could I build a large "closet" with filters/cloth on the sides?

Any input appriciated.

From contributor ca

call Amy @ Oneida and she can walk you through making a plenum box and sell you the ring adapters and help with the math. Or, Air Handling Systems, they are also great.


From contributor Iv

Thanks for the info. I will have to wait till tuesday to make any calls. Do you know if there are any options to the conventional bag/barrel option. I do need to reclaim the air in the winter.


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Just another thought,
Could I use the four bags from my old dust collector without the drums? I could vent new system into old system and use it as the filter? Maybe I could remove the fan in old system and use it as the collector for the fines? I think this would give me about the same sqft. of filtration and being a small custom shop, unloading the smaller bags would not be a big issue.

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Hi Iver

Not sure on the use of the old collector items with the new. I bought a used 5hp Torit 10 years ago and Amy helped me out @ Oneida. I built a plenum box that the fine dust went into 6 bags the diameter of a 5 gallon bucket each and the cloth bags were like 10 or 12 feet tall. We had to dump the 5 gal buckets once every couple weeks. The collector looked a lot like yours.

You will need the hp and the intake, then calculations can be made.

Good luck, cm

From contributor Je

Yup, as mentioned you need to do, (or have someone else do), the math to figure out how much filter area you need.

I have a 7-1/2 hp Torit cyclone and have a Plenum made up for it. The company that designed my system recommended 2 - 30" x 8' bags. I opted to increase my airflow so had them set me up with 3 bags. Having sufficient airflow is important so better to have more filter area than not enough!

good luck,

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Iver, I would try to achieve a 10 - 1 air to cloth ratio. Lets say a typical 5 hp cyclone pulls 1,500 cfm after the resistance of piping, etc. The total filter area would be 150 square feet. A 15-1 would be ok, but I would not go 20 - 1, even though some manufacturers' cyclone with after filter packages end up being close to 20 - 1. The additional square footage will handle the sanding dust better and as Jeff mentioned will create better flow as you are spreading the air across more surface area. Does not matter the size and shape of bags, we just need the total square footage. I know of a few instances where the housing and filters from a single stage bag type collector was used as an after filter for a cyclone. Works fine as long as the necessary filter is consistent with the amount of air being pumped into the bags. 1 micron filter fabric would also be recommended. In addition, once you add piping and filters, the jet engine will quiet down somewhat. A 5 hp cyclone running without any resistance could be moving 4,000 cfm. Also, make sure to check fan rotation.